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Richard Rome

Martin Holman

Published by Lund Humphries, March 2011



Includes 80 b&w illustrations

96 pages


This is the first illustrated overview of the forty-year career of British sculptor Richard Rome (b.1943), who has made an important contribution to the development of modernist metal sculpture since the 1960s.

A leading artist whose first one-person show took place at London's Serpentine Gallery in 1975, Rome is most commonly associated with bold and open abstract shapes, often in public spaces and often in steel. His contemporaries are sculptors Phillip King, Tim Scott, Katherine Gili and Justin Knowles, and Rome himself cites as fundamental to his outlook the example of Anthony Caro, a generation older and a common factor in the careers of all these sculptors. Rome's work is also visibly influenced by post-war modernist American art, in particular the sculpture of David Smith.

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fine art metal casting book cover

Fine Art Metal Casting, An Illustrated Guide To Mould Making and Lost Wax

Richard Rome and Hamish Young

Published by Robert Hale Ltd, 2003



Includes 1061 colour illustrations

336 pages

ISBN: 9780709071181

Fine Art Metal Casting is the first truly comprehensive and up-to-date guide to mould making and fine art lost wax casting. Mould making and the lost wax casting of metals for fine art are long-established techniques, which involve both artistic and material science considerations. Techniques are currently taught by the process of practical demonstration, which is both time and facility consuming. Furthermore, since an understanding of elements of the casting process requires an understanding of the whole process, teaching is often laboured. Whilst there is no substitute for practical experience, access to this demonstrative source will substantially increase understanding of the processes and inevitably free up valuable teaching time.

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Curated by Ann Elliott for Canary Wharf Group

Illustrated Essay and List of Works

“[The] collection of cast, forged and welded bronze and steel sculptures by Richard Rome forms the largest exhibition of his work to be seen in London since the 1970s. A number of monumental sculptures are displayed in external spaces at Canary Wharf - in Cabot Square and Westferry Circus - with numerous pieces in the Lobby of One Canada Square, which together cover nearly forty years of the artist's dedication to making sculpture.”

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